Wow your customers with a new twist on a beloved classic

Commercial / Customer experience

What you serve is just as important as how you serve it

With increasing competition and customer expectations rising every day, your business needs an edge that not only helps you stand out from the crowd, but also delivers real results to your bottom line.

In the age of food blogs and social media, presentation is power. Creative plating, glassware, accessories and food styling can add a rich new dimension to an otherwise-ordinary menu and generate some real buzz among your guests.

The good news is, not everything on your menu needs to look like it came off a fashion ramp. Just serving drinks with a little extra flair can do wonders for your business image.

For proof, look no further than everyone’s favourite beverage: the time-honoured coffee. Global cities like Melbourne and Sydney are flooded with coffee shops offering a dazzling array of inventive coffee-based drinks and are always bustling with customers.

Put your own spin on your coffee menu
Coffee is a versatile drink that can be enjoyed in countless ways, with ice coffee gaining popularity in cities around the world. The beauty of ice coffee is how it’s the perfect starting point for creating a dazzling variety of coffee-based beverages. Double-shot on ice, white chocolate mocha, caramel macchiato, even the fabled unicorn frappuccino are all new spins on traditional iced coffee.

Make it a fashion statement
Coffees are the new mocktails. Dress up your iced coffee concoctions with playful toppings, colorful straws, cocktail umbrellas, differently-shaped ice-cubes and creative serving glasses (Mason jars, anyone?) The sky is the limit, and a well-designed iced coffee is the perfect way to express your brand’s personality in delicious beverage form.

Bundle coffee concoctions with takeaway and delivery orders
With more people staying indoors, it’s a great time to pair up your menu entries with the right iced-coffee mix. Preparing iced-coffees for takeaway or delivery is an art form in itself, and a great delight for customers to find a little something extra in their order. Put together winning combos of menu items and coffees-to-go, you’ll have loyal customers sharing the love all over social media.

Making fabulous iced coffee is easy when you know how
It’s no secret that excellent iced coffee is a labour of love. The right coffee beans need to be selected, brewed to perfection, chilled appropriately and put together quickly. Luckily, there are machines that can do all that work for you, and dish out fantastic tasting iced coffee on tap.

The NESCAFÉ Nitro Cold Brew Coffee system is designed to do exactly that. Sleek, trendy and compact, it pours out super smooth and velvety nitrogen-infused cold brew coffee in an instant. It’s modern design makes it a handsome addition to your customer service front and empowers you to whip up your delicious iced-coffee creations in an instant.

It’s time to level up your iced-coffee game. Good luck!

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