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Hot Beverages

Along with a machine perfectly suited for your business, we will arrange delivery along with a range of products for you to try! Arrange your free trial now.

Depending on your location, it will generally take between 5-10 business days for your machine to arrive.

Yes, we provide servicing across Australia including regional areas.

Yes, ideally. For ease of use, it is preferable that your machine is connected to a mains water supply. However, we also offer machines that use tank water. For more information on our range of machines, please speak to one of our friendly representatives.

It depends on your needs. We have a range of solutions to suit businesses of any size and budget. Contact us today to find the perfect fit for your business.

Cold Beverages

Unopened shelf life ranges between 6 and 9 months from production date, while open shelf life will vary from product to product, so please reach out to our account managers for specifics. No refrigeration is needed as they are shelf stable.

If ice is available, we recommend serving CoolPro drinks in 1/3 cup of ice. However, all drinks are consistently served below 7oC, meaning no ice is required. You can also save your money on straws as they are best consumed directly from the cup.

Our cold beverage solutions allows you to set your own serving sizes but if in doubt, we would recommend a 12oz serving size of 355ml as a starting point.

CoolPro proudly brings our iconic brands to you, with NESCAFÉ Ice, Nestea and Sjora products available to refresh your consumers.

Different consumers appreciate our range of cold drinks, but our brands have captured a younger audience. Whether they are starting their coffee journey through iced lattes, or looking for a revitalising and refreshing iced tea or juice, your customers are sure to be delighted by our products.

CoolPro is an innovative Nestlé proprietary closed system machine that dispenses cold beverages at the touch of a button. It’s designed to be efficient, hygienic and refreshingly simple to use, allowing you to make your drinks menu work for you.

Based on a 12oz serve size, we would recommend a retail price between $2.50-$3.00

Unless CoolPro products are directly competing with your current supplier, you would qualify for a trial. However, please check in with the relevant party to understand their requirements, as agreements may vary.

  • CoolPro’s flexible system allows you to set your own serve sizes, meaning you can enjoy higher profits from no retail equivalent sizes, and easier upsells to your meals.
  • CoolPro’s compact design stores 8L of concentrate in any one time, which gives you 66-132 serves (the equivalent of what a a small to medium sized fridge can hold) within the space of 0.5m2.
  • CoolPro products have a 14 days shelf life after opening, which means you can dispense just what’s required to minimise product wastage.
  • CoolPro’s simple mechanism means every drink is mixed in cup, so that every drink is made fresh, at the touch of a button.
  • CoolPro’s ready to use product format means avoiding single use bottles or cans, giving you flexibility to provide environmentally sustainable options.

Nitro coffee is cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen gas. The micro bubbles from the gas create a cascading effect, which gives the coffee a thick and creamy mouthfeel. This makes drinking Nitro coffee an exciting sensory experience, both visually and in terms of mouthfeel.

Cold brew is prepared by using cold water to extract flavour from the coffee beans. Over time, the cold water affects the extraction of compounds (chemical elements) to give cold brew a less bitter, less acidic, sweeter and smoother taste compared to normal coffee.
Nitro coffee infuses nitrogen to produce a rich, creamy head similar to nitro draft beer. It is industry practice to use cold brew as the base to prepare Nitro coffee.

Consumers are looking for new product experiences and adding nitrogen to coffee delivers a different end cup profile to a standard cup of coffee. Because of that, Nitro coffee is a trendy beverage that also provides high-profit margins.

Traditionally, nitrogen is infused into the coffee via a keg system (like a beer keg that requires a high pressured gas cylinder). But the NESCAFÉ Nitro machine draws its nitrogen directly from the air, and therefore does not need an additional gas bottle – no added hassle or safety issues to worry about.
The NESCAFÉ Nitro machine is a compact and simple plug & play machine that is easy to install: simply plug in the power, turn the cooler knob to the desired setting and flip the pump switch on to let the machine draw in the beverage, cool it and infuse with nitrogen. Ready to serve within a few minutes.

Based on a serving size of 355ml we recommend a retail price of $5.50 per serve.

Different consumers appreciate Nitro coffee, but it has captured a younger audience because of the elevated sensory experience it delivers.

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