Super-power your employee productivity and satisfaction

Employee experience

Many employers will tell you that employee morale and satisfaction are key attributes of a successful modern workplace. And behind every successful workplace, is the office coffee machine – an essential contributor to employee happiness and efficiency.

Office coffee machines bolster quality social interactions at work

In an office setting where constant attention and a collaborative mindset is required, coffee can be an effective activator.

A survey commissioned by Nespresso revealed that 81% of Australians believe coffee improves workplace conversations and 20% of coffee drinkers are of the opinion that coffee helps to break the ice and socialise.

Whether it’s a caffè latte to start the start the day, a short black during a work meeting, or a mug of mocha on a cold day – coffee helps with attention to detail, energy levels and improves overall communication.

When your employees aren’t catered for, they look for alternatives

On average it takes 11 minutes for an Australian employee to purchase a single cup of coffee. When you do the maths, this totals to over 40 hours of productivity gone to waste every year, and that’s just per cup of coffee. 

Your employees are naturally going to seek out quality coffee if it’s not provided within your workplace, so it just makes sense to bring the café to them with an easy to use, automatic coffee machine from Nestle Professional.

You’ll save on productivity gone to waste, and they’ll save the $4-$5 spent on a cup of coffee. Everyone wins!

Cater coffee to your clients without having to leave the workplace

An additional highlight of having a quality coffee solution at your workplace is the uplift to client or customer experience at your business. If you have to deal with clients on a daily basis, then you know that simple gestures like offering a cup of coffee has a marked effect on building customer loyalty.

A coffee machine at the workplace just makes sense

Improve employee satisfaction, boost effectiveness, save on wasted time and make your clients’ day, all with one simple addition to your workplace. So what are you waiting for? Use our online tool to find the perfect coffee machine for your business or give one of our friendly sales representatives a call today.

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