May I take your order? Tips to stay ahead of café trends

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For many of us, it’s a necessity to survive the day. We drink it in our homes, our offices, on the go and plan many social happenings around our beloved cup of coffee. Whether it’s instant coffee or exotic roasted coffee beans, coffee blends are ever-changing.

For most of us, it’s the fuel that starts our day. In the darkness of the early morning hours you shuffle to the kitchen to break the early quietness with the sound of fresh coffee beans grinding or the popping of the lid of your favourite instant coffee. Not long after, the room starts to fill with those familiar aromatics. You slowly start to feel more awake. You pour the hot brewed coffee into your favourite mug and as soon as you take the first sip, your body feels more energised, warm and ready for the day.

You may find yourself putting a little more effort into the second cup of coffee for the day. Perhaps you spend some time at the office coffee machine frothing milk to perfection or walking down to your local café to try something new.

In this article, we explore the café coffee trends of 2019. What are the latest innovations in roasted bean beverages? And how should we be ordering our coffee in 2019?

Coffee trend #1: Coffee for cool kids

Nowadays coffee orders have become innovative treats – from ginger-spiced, caramel-swirled, whipped-cream-on-top confectionary creations served in Starbucks to cold-brew single-origin delicacies served by independent coffee artisans. In the age of Instagram influencers, it’s no wonder café-served coffee has turned into more than a simple beverage.

As 2019 marches into 2020 we expect to see greater customisation in coffee orders. One trend we’re seeing a lot more of is the addition of superfoods such as matcha, aloe vera, turmeric, melatonin and activated charcoal. These ingredients each come with their own reputed benefits, such as improving sleep, beauty or cognitive function.

Coffee trend #2: Rise of the instant blend

If you thought instant coffee was finished, you thought wrong. Freshly ground beans will still be the preferred preparation method, however we predict instant coffee will become more popular due to the quality of new blends now in-store.

This trend also fits our ever-busier lifestyles. We see young coffee drinkers often grabbing a ready-to-drink soluble coffee from a café, petrol station or convenience store.

Coffee trend #3: New coffee techniques

Cold-drip coffee, a method that allows cold water to slowly drip through ground coffee, was all the rage in 2018. This technique to serve next-level iced coffee will see more variations in 2019, according to WebstaurantStore. The restaurant supplier predicts the introduction of cold-brew store sodas, as well as other exciting techniques such as nitro or butter coffee. 

Nitro coffee uses nitrogen gas to infuse the coffee, resulting in a rich and creamy texture. The coffee is a true kickstarter, as it’s stronger than your regular dose of grounded beans. As with instant coffee, nitro coffee is also predicted to be widely available for grabs in store shelves and coffee shops. 

Butter coffee is the perfect drink for lovers of all-things-healthy. Coffee beans are roasted and topped off with butter or coconut oil. These healthy fats are Keto-approved and keep you full longer than a cup of normal instant coffee. While this trend has been around for a while, it is currently seeing a surge in popularity and we predict it will become more common on café menus in the coming year. 

Coffee trend #4: Cashew, coconut or macadamia?

“What kind of milk would you like?” will become a standard question when ordering a caffè latte. As more and more people choose non-dairy or plant-based options, coffee shops are forced to offer variations. 

Many cafes already offer a range of milk options including cashew, rice, macadamia, lactose-free, soy, almond or coconut. The alternatives might need a menu of their own in the coming year! 

Coffee trend #5: Instagram-worthy coffee creations

Every millennial knows that before you dive into the dulce de leche blueberry pancakes that just landed on your table, you need to snap a pic of that dish! “Photo, or didn’t it happen.” 

Coffee shops everywhere understand the power and pull that social media can have for their business. Which is why many cafés offer coffee creations that look like works of art! Think coloured coffee, innovative or edible cups, extravagant creations decorated with cookies and next-level latte art.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for more variety in your coffee, you could skip the café scene and get an automatic coffee machine from Nestle Professional with up to 48 beverage options! Get with the trend and find the perfect coffee machine for your business using our online tool or give one of our friendly sales representatives a call.

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