Looking after your employees during a crisis

Employee experience

Adapting to the changes in our work lives
Uncertain times can be challenging for businesses and their employees to navigate. Facing radical changes in their day-to-day work, employees often experience stress, burn out and feel the pressure to quickly adapt to changing circumstances.

At times like these, businesses and employers can play a positive role in supporting morale and helping employees perform at their best. We’re all in it together, and even small gestures by employers can make a big positive impact on the well-being of their employees.

Small actions can make a big difference

Right now, workers in essential services are doing it hard. Truckers, nurses, security workers, police officers, delivery people and even supermarket staff are pulling double shifts and working themselves to the bone. Their efforts and dedication should be appreciated, and offering them a quick pick-me-up through a fresh cup of coffee is a great way to say thanks.

Schedule time for a coffee break (or two)
It’s a great idea to schedule a 10-15 minute dedicated coffee break for your employees as a part of their work day. Giving them a little room to break will not only energise them, but it will also show them you care. For employees on the road, make sure to check-in and get them to take their scheduled breaks. A recent study by NSW University found that drivers who drank coffee were 63% less likely to have a crash.

Keep refreshments on-hand at work
Having delicious coffee available at work at any time will also save them from having to nip out of the workplace to grab a coffee from somewhere else. Having small refreshments on-hand for your team is a small gesture that can really uplift their mood and help them perform at their peak.

Add a personal touch
Leaving thank-you notes on coffee cups adds a personal touch that really makes your employees feel appreciated and acknowledged. Using post-it notes, stickers or just colourful markers to write a message on their paper cups can be a wonderful surprise, and shows your employees how much you care about them. Be creative and scrawl a funny drawing for a little extra cheer! Or go the extra mile and get personalised coffee mugs for your rockstar team.

Get the perfect coffee machine for your workplace
Having a versatile and reliable coffee machine at your workplace is the key. With all the options out there, it can be hard to decide which one to pick. We’ve made the process of discovering your ideal machine fast, simple and convenient, so let’s get started on finding the right coffee machine for your needs!

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