Increasing beverage sales by tapping into the new convenience shopper


Convenience-driven customers are changing the beverage business mix

Millennials are changing the foodservice landscape with their strong tilt towards on-the-go beverage and snack options. The demand for innovative juice mixes and hybrid flavours continues to grow, matched only by the demand for convenience.

In response, major grocery chains and quick-service restaurants are increasingly developing their store designs and product offerings to target the convenience-driven shopper.

Businesses like 7-Eleven have capitalised on these evolving trends by offering exciting new flavours and mixes that are widely available and ready-to-go at any time.

The fast, casual meal space is experiencing a similar evolution, with many businesses feeling the need to provide unique beverage options to stay competitive.

Health-conscious customers are creating new market demand

The shift to healthy eating continues to impact the food service market. While taste is one of the top drivers for away-from-home purchases, health and wellness has become a major priority for shoppers. Nielsen reports that nearly three-in-ten Australians are very concerned about sugar consumption. 

This has led to a shift in consumer preferences towards health and wellness products and low-sugar beverages.

The rising popularity of better-for-you breakfast items like yogurt or juice-based smoothies, and kid-friendly vegetable sides show how lifestyle trends are changing along with shopping habits.

Even though healthy options are in demand, that doesn’t mean customers are willing to compromise on taste. They still expect a wide variety of taste options in their health-oriented food and beverage products.

Many quick-service restaurants and convenience stores already offer a variety of organic, vegan-friendly and low-sugar items alongside their regular offerings. 

Foodservice businesses that are catering to these changing demands can look forward to enjoying healthy sales growth for the foreseeable future.

The opportunity lies in the technology

Adapting to new trends can be challenging for any business. But at the same time, these shifts represent a tremendous opportunity.

Businesses that have been quick to adapt have made smart use of technology to bolster their offerings, and are reaping the benefits of offering their customers exactly what they need.

Quick-service restaurants, cafés and even cafeterias within hospitals, universities and office buildings are seeing an increase in sales simply by adding a beverage machine to their premises.

These machines offer convenience, ease-of-use and self-service, giving customers the choice to customise their drink. There is a secondary effect as well: customers who stop by for a quick on-the-go beverage often hang around a bit longer and make additional small purchases. Over time, these gains add up, leading to a substantial growth in sales and revenue.

If you’re looking to boost beverage sales for your foodservice business, the Nestlé CoolPro is a great place to start. Get in touch and let’s talk about how it can help grow your business.



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