Improve your company culture with a simple coffee break

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Fewer and fewer Aussies are taking their full lunch breaks at work. In a recent poll of 600 employees, 61% admitted that they skip lunch. 

The reasons vary and are often related to workload. However there are also indicators that point toward company culture being the culprit. One in ten workers said the reason they skipped lunch was because ‘they want to impress their boss’ or ‘they’d feel guilty for taking a break.’

Not only does company culture suffer when employees skip their break, but energy levels drop and so does productivity. So what can businesses do to improve this culture?

Support lunch breaks with dedicated coffee and tea breaks

By setting a time each day for morning and afternoon coffee breaks, you can support those that may have missed lunch and provide another opportunity for them to relax and recharge. 

A dedicated time for coffee breaks also provides more opportunities for coworkers to connect and collaborate, which can lead to better problem solving and more creative thinking.

Provide a dedicated space for breaks

Ensure that your workplace has a dedicated room or space away from the desks or work areas where employees feel supported taking their well-deserved breaks.

A large communal lunch table is a great way to create a place where employees can sit, socialise and eat together comfortably. 

If you have enough space, try creating smaller nooks or areas with comfy chairs and coffee tables. This will allow employees that need a little ‘alone time’ a place to relax, refresh and recharge.

Ensure your break area has ‘the basics’

Not all workplaces are lucky enough to have a dedicated kitchen, but you can still support lunch and coffee breaks by making sure you provide items that encourage breaks.

Basic items include bowls, plates and utensils along with simple condiments, such as salt, pepper and tomato sauce. A small fridge and a microwave are a must. Another break room favourite is the toasted sandwich maker – an inexpensive machine that can do everything from reheating last nights pizza to making a gourmet panini.

Organise lunch events

A great way to kickstart your lunch culture is by organising lunch events. This will ensure everyone gets together at lunch and is a great way to get your workplace socialising. 

Think about organising a ‘Bring a Plate Day’, start up ‘Pizza Fridays’ or support a charity like ‘Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea’.

Provide quality coffee and tea

It goes without saying that the very best way to support a coffee break is by providing a selection of quality coffee and tea. Luckily, this is easy with an automatic coffee machine from Nestlé Professional. 

Our coffee machines can provide for everyone’s favourite order, from the classic caffè latte to hot chocolate – all with a simple touch on the smart LCD screen.

Find the perfect coffee machine for your workplace

We’ve made the process of discovering your ideal machine fast, simple and convenient, so let’s get started on finding the right coffee machine for your needs!

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