Improve customer loyalty by making a great first impression

Customer experience

When a customer walks in the door of your business they are unconsciously processing a thousand little pieces of information that create their first impression of your business. Does it feel homely and warm, professional and stylish, creative and energetic or does it seem chaotic and uninviting?

One way to begin thinking about the impression your business makes is by starting to consciously note all the little things that create your first impression of other businesses. It’s a great way to get some inspiration and once you start looking, it’s hard to stop. 

The atmosphere

As soon as you walk into a new space our senses go to work creating our first impression. All of our senses. 

How is it lit? As anyone who’s ever had a candlelit dinner can tell you – lighting sets the mood. Plenty of sunlight or well-placed and selected lamps go a long way to creating an inviting space.

What can you hear? A happy conversation between employees can put you at ease, while the right music can set a tone that tells you a lot about the culture of a business.

What can you smell? If your business sells curries, then the rich smell of freshly roasted spices would seem perfectly natural. However if it’s in office lobby – it’s probably very distracting.

What can you feel? Possibly the most ignored sense, touch also plays a major part in first impressions. Entering a building by pushing open large heavy doors can portray a sense of security and exclusivity, but entering into a freezing cold lobby can make the place feel sterile and isolated. 

The people

Possibly the most important part of a first impression is how you are greeted. A quick hello, a friendly handshake or the offer of coffee, hot chocolate or tea goes a long way. 

Even if that person is busy with another customer or on a phone call, a simple look and a smile in your direction can make you feel acknowledged and welcome.  

After you’ve been greeted, the first interaction you have with an employee will be equally important. Did they listen to what you wanted? Or did they tell you?

How employees are dressed also says a lot about a business. A uniform or t-shirt with the business logo shows solidarity and team unison, neat casual wear can help you feel relaxed, suits and business wear sets a professional tone.

The design and details

After you’ve entered the space and been greeted you might have a good look around and start noticing the smaller details and the design of the space. Businesses that put some care into these aspects can bring their brand to life. 

A bright colourful space adorned with street art, vintage pin-ball machines and big comfy couches might work perfectly well in a game design studio, but would look out of place in a lawyer’s office and may make you doubt their professionalism.

If you walk into a store and see neat rows of carefully displayed and positioned products you’re likely to feel that these are items the business values. 

Conversely, if you start noticing that the space hasn’t been cleaned properly, that shelves are bare or products poorly displayed you may feel that the business is unorganised and doesn’t really value the products they sell.

Businesses can only make one first impression

Once you put all these pieces together, you’ve made your first impression and it will likely last forever.

By becoming aware of all the different aspects that make for a great first impression and then proactively implementing them (if you aren’t already) you’ll ensure that your customers have an incredible experience and keep coming back again and again.

One simple thing you can implement right now is offering quality coffee to your customers upon arrival. Our sleek and stylish coffee machines look just as good on the showroom floor as they do behind a counter and with 48 customisable beverage options you’re sure to make a great first impression.

Use our online tool to find the perfect machine for your business or give one of our friendly sales representatives a call today.

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