How Tella Balls dessert bars use CoolPro to expand their customer offering

Commercial / Customer experience

Finding drink options that are both quick to create and loved by your customers can be a hard combination to find. Bridging this gap, Nestlé CoolPro is a commercial juice dispenser that helps your business serve a variety of juice flavours, freshly chilled to 7C or less.

Manish Agrawal, owner of two Tella Balls dessert bars, recently shared his thoughts on how the CoolPro has integrated into his venues and added to his business.”


Ready to serve

Manish’s dessert bars are quick-serve in nature and require drink offerings that offer convenience and quality to match.

“All we have to do is pull the lever down. It dispenses on its own and we then just serve it to the customers.”

“It’s a very added value to the business in the sense that you have got a very good product, which is ready to be served to our customers.”

With the ability to serve up to 4 beverages per minute, the CoolPro will transform the way you provide cold beverages.


Customise to suit your business

Operationally simple, the CoolPro is versatile, with flavour options for customisation at your fingertips. Compatible with three CoolPro flavours (SJORA Concentrate Mango Peach Flavoured, NESCAFÉ Ice Concentrate, and NESTEA Lemon) you can chill and serve two flavours at once to match your drink list needs.

“Sjora is an amazing drink. From a future point of view, it has a huge potential in the market. It’s a very, very refreshing mango and peach taste. People love it.”


Easy Maintenance

Replenishing stock levels is a breeze with a simple plug and play process that employees of all levels feel comfortable doing.

“The machine is very easy to maintain. All we have to do when one side is empty is take a new [CoolPro flavour] bag and replace it.”

Beyond day-to-day maintenance, Manish found that he was supported by the Nestlé team with regular servicing.

“We are receiving a good support. They come and maintain the machine.”


Marketing support

Promoting a new product often requires more than just upselling from employees – especially if your customers are a younger demographic.

“Our target audience is mainly from 18 to 35 years of age. So, this particular product suits them.”

“Nestlé supported us in pushing media marketing very aggressively.”

To help you promote your new CoolPro beverage offering, Nestlé provides supporting in-store signage and social media content.

If you are seeking a simple but effective ready-made solution to suit your fast-paced venue, reach out to one of our representatives here.



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