How tailoring your in-store experience can boost customer loyalty

Customer experience

In the modern retail space, customer experience has a direct impact on loyalty. Small gestures across various touchpoints help customers feel valued and can help your brand stand out.

Even something as simple as offering your customers a cup of coffee when they walk in can create a positive perception about how your business takes care of its customers.


Customer experience is a part of your USP

Multiple businesses are facing tough competition with many players posing new challenges in terms of scale and operations. This is especially true in retail, where many brick-and-mortar companies struggle against the rising tide of eCommerce and digital businesses. 

But there is one area in which these online brands cannot compete: face-to-face customer experience.

This is a huge opportunity for brick-and-mortar companies to create memorable in-person experiences that inspire brand loyalty.

Progressive organisations are already using this strength to differentiate themselves and turn customers into advocates for their brand. Their customer experience has become part of their USP, in addition to their products and services.


How a memorable in-store customer experience helps your business

The design and layout of your store, how your employees interact with customers plus small offerings like freebies and a welcoming hot beverage all help your business create a lasting impression. A strong, simple and positive customer experience produces three key benefits:

  •         Increase in sales
  •         Increase in customer satisfaction
  •         Increase in customer loyalty



Businesses like Reece, Gyprock and Mitre 10 have seen a big impact on their in-store experience simply by adding a self-serve coffee machine.


Step up your customer experience with a self-serving coffee machine

Offering your customers a hot beverage is a small gesture that helps them feel welcome and creates instant rapport. If you’re not sure which machine is right for you, the NESCAFÉ Milano Combi coffee machine is a great place to start.

With over 48 hot beverage options, this professional machine serves irresistible café-style coffee that will keep your customers coming back for more.


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