How 13cabs uses NESCAFÉ coffee machines to provide an efficient and inviting work environment

Employee experience

Creating a work environment where autonomous workers can feel like they are part of a team can be challenging. 13cabs found a solution with the help of NESCAFÉ coffee machines.

Recently, 13cabs employees shared their thoughts on how access to NESCAFÉ coffee machines in drivers’ hubs increased their feeling of community. Providing coffee machines in drivers’ hubs offers a multitude of benefits for improved job performance and satisfaction.


Improved Performance

Spending hours in and out of traffic can be tiring on a short trip, let alone a long shift.

“One of the challenges for our drivers is that they’re not in an office environment; they’re in their cars for up to 12 hours a day, up to six days a week.”

Coffee has been proven to improve reaction time and reduce drowsiness.* Placing NESCAFÉ coffee machines in all drivers’ hubs nationwide has been pivotal in helping to keep drivers alert and ready to provide a safer service for their customers.

Creating workplace culture

Creating a culture of support and comradery is an important factor in any industry.

“We don’t always get to see our colleagues, so having somewhere we can go for informal chats helps us feel we are part of a good workplace.”

The simple yet effective gesture of offering NESCAFÉ coffee to 13cabs drivers provides an easy way for them to connect with their colleagues while on shift.

“A lot of things happen over a cup of coffee. When you have the right coffee machine inside the workplace, it’s a great place for drivers to unwind and take a few minutes for informal chats to create a better feeling about the workplace.”

Connecting colleagues who otherwise wouldn’t meet each other in their day-to-day work is a wonderful way to promote positive mental health.

Employee Benefits

A competitive job market has seen employees looking for a role that offers benefits beyond their salary. 13cabs offers its workforce a range of discounts and offers, with the bonus of giving their drivers delicious NESCAFÉ coffee at the sanitation hubs.

“We can come in and have a good coffee, sit down, relax and recharge.”

Drivers can refresh and recharge without having to worry about spending their money on coffee or parking to enjoy their break time. This value add to its employees helps position 13cabs as a great place to work for existing and prospective drivers.

The Nestlé Professional and 13cabs partnership has helped improve employee satisfaction. If you are looking for a way to add value to your own employees, view our range of NESCAFÉ coffee machines here.

*Reference: Caffeine and long hours of work: effects on alertness and simple reaction time (January 2021)

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