Four cups of coffee a day is good for you. But can your machine keep up?

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Coffee is 100% natural

Good quality coffee is always made from 100% natural coffee beans, without any additives or artificial preservatives. This means you can relax and enjoy three to four cups of coffee a day, confident in the knowledge that you are drinking a natural beverage that is completely free from any nasty chemicals or ingredients.

Coffee helps boost mental alertness and concentration

Caffeine can help increase mental alertness and concentration and coffee naturally contains around 60-100mg of caffeine per cup, depending upon its blend and strength. Taking a moment to stop by the coffee machine not only gives you a quick break to walk around the office and refresh your mind, but it’s also a healthy morning or afternoon boost that can help you re-focus.

Coffee is a low-calorie hydrating beverage

Drinking three to four cups of coffee or tea per day can make a valuable contribution to your daily fluid needs without wrecking your diet plan. A 200ml black coffee contains just 10 kJ (2kCal), or if you prefer, you can add skim milk for a 55kJ (13kCal) beverage. Even though caffeine is a mild diuretic, your body still sees a net gain in fluid and can effectively handle any excess liquid.

Is your team enjoying the benefits of having the right coffee machine in the office?

Every office has its share of coffee drinkers, which means your office coffee machine will be working hard all day. All those cups throughout the day can quickly add up: a team of 20 people can go through up to 100 cups a day, which can be demanding for any coffee machine.

Is your coffee machine up to the challenge of providing cup after cup of perfectly delicious café-style coffee? Our machines certainly are.


Nestlé Professional’s coffee machines are designed to be fast, low-maintenance and reliable, with a sleek modern look that adds a stylish flair to any office environment.

We’ve made the process of discovering your ideal machine fast, simple and convenient, so let’s get started on finding the right coffee machine for your needs!



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