4 tactics to enhance employee experience and create superior service

Employee experience

Just as beauty is more than just skin deep, good client and customer service is about more than just how your employees present themselves. These standards can be trained, but truly great service comes from within. It’s given by employees who enjoy their jobs, respect their employers and feel that they are doing something meaningful.

There are a variety of tactics that can be used to build this kind of service culture:

Seek ways to maintain staff engagement

Be open to suggestions and problem solve together. Even new hires can offer a perspective on other places they’ve worked, while seasoned employees may have all sorts of ideas for improvement. Millennials, in particular, want to problem solve as a team.

Encourage mentorship by pairing experienced staff with newcomers. This will help promote ongoing development and encourage a sense of pride and belonging.

Involve employees in decision-making about new offers and business opportunities. They may have thought of something you haven’t.

Implement a job referral program where staff can be rewarded for finding new employees who are good matches for your workplace culture.

Consider cross-training and professional development so that employees know they can learn new skills, grow in their careers and practice their learnings at your workplace.

Help prevent burnout

No matter the job, sometimes work is work. Deadlines, long hours, big workloads and stress can take a toll quickly. 

Watch for signs of exhaustion, personal problems, and other indications of burnout. Implement a no-judgment, open-door policy when it comes to discussing issues with staff.

Consider making hours more flexible, let employees start early and finish early, work four day weeks or offer role-sharing. If suitable, you could also offer employees the ability to work from home some days.

Don’t let people work when they’re sick; it’s bad for them and it’s also bad for co-workers or visitors to your workplace.

Make sure employees have the tools they need, whether it’s a new piece of equipment, updated software or just enough paper in the printer.

Don’t overload your employees. Many employees will say they’re fine when they’re not. It is up to a manager to recognise how much work is too much and share the load more evenly, or make the case to their superiors that additional employees are required.

Say thank you, and mean it

Don’t be the boss who’s quick to correct and criticise, but slow to say ‘you did a great job today’ or ‘it was really smart of you to handle that problem the way you did’. Saying ‘thank you’, is the same as saying ‘you matter’.

If possible, give the whole office a day off once or twice a year and treat them to a summer picnic, party, tour or other fun activity.

Start an Employee of the Month program where staff can anonymously vote for employees who have made a positive impact. Reward these employees with a trophy, gift card or time off in lieu.

Provide quality coffee at work

An office coffee machine can boost employee experience in a number of ways. It provides a place where staff can gather and socialise, saves employees money on cafés, provides a pick me up during those 3 o’clock slumps and it tastes delicious!  Use our online tool to find the perfect machine for your business or give one of our friendly sales representatives a call today.

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